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Born, according to mythology, from the lightning hurled by Poseidon to cut a piece of Corfu and create a private corner for him and his beloved, Paxos is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or complete relaxation.

The Greek island, one of the smallest of those located in the Ionian Sea, is a real gem on a human scale. Liveable, quiet and with all kinds of services, Paxos over the years has become a reference point for thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The editorial staff of LuxuryAgencyNews reached for an exclusive interview Stefanos Makris of the Fougaros Rental Company of Paxos, a company that for over 20 years has been managing holiday residences (from villas to studios), car renting and all types of services for tourism on the island Greek.

IN FOTO: Stefanos Makris


How is the tourist season going in Paxos?

The season in Paxos in the middle of covid is going unpredictable good. In some way is like 2019.

What do tourists who arrive on the island ask and want?

They ask and want anything that makes them relax. That's why the facilities of Paxos becoming higher and higher, Nomads tourism is the new generation of tourism (work and holidays or work from home).

What are the most frequent requests?

They like to rent a villa to stay and relax - work during the day or to rent a boat day by day to go around the island Antipaxos or any other beach. In my opinion, Paxos has what should have People coming and feel at home. That's why 50% of the tourist coming every year.

How has tourism changed in recent years from pre covid to post covid?

After the bad year we had in Paxos an new project start, the agriculture work, we start Making virgin olive oil Generally we start to be more close to nature and what nature offers us.

Future projects of Fougaros Travel?

We work in tourism for more than 20 years. So we make the company be next to the guests and help them at anything they want to find and explore the island by renting cars -scooter- ATV - ebikes –boats.
Fougaros is the nickname of our family and mean chimney Nickname that coming from the past 3 generations so we named our agency to honour our grandfathers.

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